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Excel Ribbon Using VSTO

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The final structre Of registry part of setup application that we created should be like this

And For Excel User Defined Function using class library the structre is something like this


Copy One DataRow From A DataTable to Another DataTable

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every C# programmer deals with populating, selecting, and even deleting from a DataTable. A moderately advanced operation is transferring an entire single row from an original DataTable and inserting it into a new DataTable

DataTable originalTable=new DataTable();

/*Add datas to this data table*/

DataTable newTable = originalTable.Clone(); //make new table with same structre of OriginalTable

DataRow newRow = newTable.NewRow();

newRow.ItemArray = originalTable.Rows[1].ItemArray; //Copy Row at index 1..If we need to copy morethan 1 row loop this section

newTable.Rows.Add(newRow); //add this row to the new data table

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Creating Excel Com Addin uisng VSTO

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For creating the excel com addin using VSTO(Visual studio Tools For Office ) the best tutorial souce that i found is Here
>Because of its simplicity..step by step description with screen shots etc..By following the articles in that site any one can create COM Addins using VSTO
But for deployment of the application is not described there for deployment you can reffer this site Here or My own post in this site..

A good blog for all the Vsto related stuffs here….

Creating An Excel Automation Addin using c#

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Hi all,

If you search this particular topic on the google or some other search engines ypu may find a no of articles describing the task…here is one link that i feel as an almost complete tutorial for this task

By following these 2 tutorials any one can achieve the task easily..

But there are some problems that you are going to face while deploying the sample application you just created (The above articles describes about deployment as well but the procedure is complex )..About that part i will explain in another post