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Access HTML Controls From code behind

This week i found an interesting logic to get the value of all HTML controls in a form from code behind..
I am working on a dynamic form and the form contains no of input controls with unique name..
On the load evnt of page using innerhtml i build the form on the div inputs

Now on submi button click event of this form i need all values of input controls(NOte: There is no runat=”server” attribute with controls)

string value = Request.Form["mycontrol"];

this code returns the value of an input control with id [“mycontrol”] and

string[] controls = Request.Form.AllKeys;

this code returns the id of all input controls in the form

Logic here is

loop through all controols and get their values
protected void btnupdate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

string[] controls = Request.Form.AllKeys;
for (int i = 0; i < controls.Length; i++)
string value = Request.Form[controls[i]]; //contains the value of  input control.Before doing this check the controls[i] contains any portion of control name like this if (controls[i].Contains(“tblindustry”)


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