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Customization on WPF ListView

June 5, 2013 2 comments

If  some one is planning to simply bind a list of datas to a listview in WPF its pretty easy and straight forward. But today i came through a case where i need a listbox that supports Sorting , Inline Editting and Save the chages to Db once i finish the inline edit .

I started one by one  1. Sorting and Inline Editting  > Using the logic or idea from this blog

2. Saving the changes after finish the edit operation to Db – Add a new event to the textbox where you want to edit the data and do actions on that event

LostFocus=”textWordDescription_LostFocus” Tag=”{Binding}”

             string newtext = ((TextBox)sender).Text;
BindedObject selected = ((TextBox)sender).Tag as BindedObject;

Then next challenge is  want to sort my datas in ascending order . The following code solves that issue

  private void Sort(string sortBy, ListSortDirection direction)
ICollectionView dataView =
SortDescription sd = new SortDescription(sortBy, direction);

Next Challenge is with selection . By default i want to select an item in listbox (Its  pretty easy thing . just set selectedvalue ). But i need to handle the position of scrollviewer as well . If 100 items in listbox and i selected an item starts with letter z then thae item is in bottom of list , So using this code i make sure the scrollviewer position is closer to selected wordSystem.Windows.Controls.Primitives.Selector selector = wordBankListView;
(selector as ListBox).ScrollIntoView(selector.SelectedItem);

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